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Dish Washer Hood Type

Dimensions: 630 x 750 x 1465mm (H)
Power: 11kW
Voltage: 400V – 3N
– Hood-Type dishwashers – EVO Generation
– Constructed in stainless steel.
– Counterbalanced hood with handle and spring system.
– Double rotating wash and rinse system, top and bottom, in stainless
– 440 mm hood opening (Accepts GN 1/1 trays).
– Continuous wash cycle up to 10’.
– 600 W wash pump providing high water flow.
– Rounded tank to facilitate washing and drainage.
– Stainless steel armoured heating elements in the wash tank and rinse
– Multi-voltage: Allows the machine to be connected to a single-phase
or three-phase voltage network.
– AISI-304 stainless steel filter trays in the wash tank.
– Thermostatic control of temperatures (wash, 60°C, and rinse, 90°C).
– Thermal stop system which guarantees a rinse temperature of 85°C.
– Safety stop switch in hood opening.
– Safety thermostat
– Mechanical – analogue control.
– 90”, 120” and 180” wash cycles.
– Theoretical maximum production of 40 baskets/hour (720 plates/h).
– Tank with volume of 33 litres, with 4.5 kW heating element.
– Tank with volume of 9 litres, with 6 kW heating element.
– 2.4 litre water consumption per cycle.
– Rinse with thermostop system. Standard factory setting disabled. Easy
to enable.
– Alternating or simultaneous tank and boiler heating.
– Total power installed: 6.6 kW (alternating) or 11.1 kW (simultaneous).
– Magnetic safety stop switch in hood opening.
– IPX4 anti-humidity protection.
Equipment included:
“One CT-10 base basket, 1 CP-16/18 basket for plates and two cutlery

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